Wednesday, January 26, 2011

B Group Petrogen Training

On January 26, 2011 the members of Squad 13 and Squrt 1331/Rescue 13 received training in the use of the Petrogen Torch Cutting System. Under the direction of FF. Mac Dermott, Lt. DiRenzo and Battalion Chief Stallfort, CHFD members received a period of classroom instruction followed by a series of practical evolutions. The Petrogen Torch Cutting System utilizes gasoline and oxygen to create a cutting torch that can cut through steel by oxidizing the steel 100% therefore, making rescue safer for victims and rescuers. The system is ideal for structural collapse and confined space rescue. Members must be trained in the proper use of the Petrogen Torch including proper set-up, lighting procedures, cutting procedures, extinguishment, take-down and clean-up after use. Member and victim safety are also stressed as well as trouble shooting procedures. The Petrogen Torch Cutting System is the primary cutting system used by CHFD members from the cache of cutting systems available to members including the oxy-acetylene Torch, map gas torch and slice pack.