Thursday, October 6, 2011

Haz Mat Unit Receives Federal DOT Grant for Advanced Training

    Squad 13 received  federal money from the Department of Transportation's 2010 HMEP (Hazardous Material Emergency Preparedness) Grant to provide members with three (3) 2-day classes on advanced air monitoring and incident assessments. 

Personnel mitigating an emergency involving compressed cylinders.

    The program was developed to provide personnel with key training opportunities that covered a full gamut of various incidents they are required to respond to.  Included, were topics such as; Transportation Emergencies, Clandestine Drug Labs, Terrorism, Radiation Emergencies and Large scale Hazardous Material Releases.   

Motor Vehicle Crash involving the transportation of radioactive waste
    Members of the Squad Company, along with personnel from other departments that are involved with the Camden County Haz Mat Task Force, were given training in both a classroom setting providing topics on theory and table top scenarios and a practical hands-on setting using actual hazardous materials. 

A "cooking" process at a mocked up Clandestine Drug Lab.